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"The Secrets To Learn 
Self Hypnosis And Meditation"

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You will become a better version of yourself (multiplied by 2, 3, 10 or more)

With this complete training, you will be able to...

✔ Feel an exponential improvement in your performance (at work, at home and for the rest of your life)

✔ Increase your self-efficacy in your body and mind goals, reach new heights and overcome old obstacles ...

✔ Bring you to a higher level of success and satisfaction ...

✔ Make quick progress in self-realization and more easily reach your dreams and aspirations throughout your life ...
David Michigan: Already more than 9 million followers on Instagram!

David spends a lot of time helping his community develop physically and mentally by regularly sharing many nutrition, fitness and mental health tips.
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  Self-Hypnosis and Meditation"

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What makes this course totally unique:
Secret #1:

Increase your performance in all areas of your life

Everything David will share with you is very easy to do and very easy to follow.
The tips he will share with you can be used as a good resource, where you can assimilate any answer you choose to eliminate confusion.
You will be exposed to highly advanced training exercises and personal transformation exercises that will allow you to progress far beyond your body and mind.

Secret #2:

Cutting-edge Information


David has worked with thousands of people for 15 years and everyone appreciates his specific methods and tools, which are the shortest path to transformation.
You will have access to these special secrets by subscribing to "Secrets to Learn Self Hypnosis and Meditation"
Very quickly, your mind will change and you can easily reach your goals with your help.
Secret #3:

Just Stay
at Home

With David Michigan's self-hypnosis protocol, you can use this course directly at home on your phone or tablet.
     This will facilitate your learning and allow you to focus more on what is being said. You can have a better spirit while staying at home.
Meet your Teacher

Followed by more than 10 million people on social networks, David Michigan is a hypnotherapist and mental trainer. Its mission is to help as many people as possible by giving them the body and spirit they really want, in the depths of their being. You will receive many ideas and tips that will help your potential to reach a new level. By expanding your awareness and your mind to the mental power, you can take advantage of your gifts and talents hidden in you, very close to the essence of who you really are, to become a better life force. And you go, with his help, cultivate a growth mentality, not being new, but better. By anticipating what you really want, you will soon have what you really want.
The secrets you will learn
Fifteen ways to feel a profound transformation
The result of these 15 techniques will allow you to go beyond all that you have always wanted.
After experiencing these 15 revelations ... you will improve so much in all areas of your life that you will feel a strong sense of freedom within you.
  • Section 1 - Introduction
  • ​Session 1 - What are you going to Win
  • ​Section 2 - What is Self Hypnosis?
  • Session 3 - How to Reach the Infinite Possibilities of Your Spirit
  • Section 3 - Learning the Secret Protocol of the 6 Steps of Self Hypnosis
  • Session 5 - Step 1
  • Session 6 - Step 2
  • ​Session 7 - Step 3
  • ​Session 9 - Step 5
  • ​​Session 10 - Step 6
  • Section 4 - How to Enter into Trance
  • ​Session 11 - Hands Catalepsy
  • ​Session 12 - Arm Levitation
  • ​​Session 13 - Positive Hallucinations
  • ​Session 14 - Negative Hallucinations
  • ​Section 5 - The Record Method
  • ​Session 15 - Learn The Record Method
  • ​Section 6 - The Holographic Method
  • ​Session 16 - Learn the Holographic Method
  • Section 7 - The Affirmations Method
  • ​Session 17 - How to Use the Affirmations Method
  • Section 8 - Meditation
  • ​Session 18 - Learn to Meditate
  • ​Section 9 - The Method of Symbology
  • ​Session 19 - Learn The Method of Symbology
  • ​Section 10 - The Black Chamber Process
  • ​Session 20 - Learn the Black Chamber Process
  • ​Section 11 - Auto Hypnosis by the Chakras
  • Session 21 - Learn the Chakra Method
  • ​Section 12 - How to Find His Spiritual Guide
  • ​Session 22 - Learning to Find Your Own Spiritual Guide
  • ​Section 13 - How to Find Your Inner Healer
  • ​Session 23 - Learn to Find Your Inner Healer
  • ​Section 14 - The Visualization Method
  • ​Session 24 - Learn to Visualize Well
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David Michigan is recognized as an excellent mental trainer, followed by more than 10 million people.
David is featured in Muscle & Fitness, Men's Fitness, FOX News, Forbes, Women's Fitness, Harvard and TED.
You will also get secret techniques!
What are you going to have
Beyond the classic visualizations: the mentalizations include the 5 senses and are much easier to maintain than the traditional visualizations. In addition, traditional visualizations can disorient the unconscious and can be half lost. And when visualizations tend to deflect fantasies of the mind ignored by the subconscious, mentalizations are NEVER ignored by the unconscious.
Exercises of "Mindfulness"
Mindfulness exercises develop "mental muscles" (their GABA fibers that connect the prefrontal cortex to Amygdala) that must be powerful enough to navigate the deepest parts of your unconscious mind.
Team of professionals in support
With the team working with David Michigan, always ready to answer your questions and concerns.
Our goal is to make sure you get the best experience possible with this course. We have always supported you and we will always be there to help you.
You are totally safe with the triple David Michigan satisfaction guarantee:

You are safe:
 The payment gateways are the most secure in the world.

You will get results: just watch the course and follow the step by step instructions.

Quality Content: You will learn from one of the best teachers in the world to help you achieve your goals and achieve your dreams.
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      Do not wait to have What you really want
      Do you really want to know what is the secret that will NOT allow you to repent of your life?
      Here is a small clue for you:
      • It has nothing to do with your knowledge.
      • It has nothing to do with the experience you have had in your life.
      • It's just to act and tell you it will be forever.
      • The longer it takes to use these transformation techniques that provide the real "you", as well as the immediate positive changes in your life ... the lower your real potential.
      • You deserve to have a truly amazing life and realize all your dreams.
      • But this will not happen until you do a massive action and follow this course. At this moment, you are on the right path.
      • Now the choice is yours. Your life can go in two ways. Either you lose your life seeing your life as a spectator, or you simply create TODAY a real sense of urgency unique in your kind, allowing you to truly live your life.
      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
      What will produce the secrets of self-hypnosis and meditation in me?
      Today, you will discover ways in which you can extend and gradually extend the "boundaries" of your mind map in a secure and progressive manner, so that you suddenly have more internal resources, more energy, and more capacity to perform. and do the tasks you really want to do. your life.
      The Secrets of Self Hypnosis and Meditation course gives you the mental tools (that is, the "language" of your unconscious mind) to establish new connections in your brain and then update your "architecture" mental. " boundaries that you currently encounter in your daily life and actions.
      You will literally have more energy (mental and emotional) to create a new life.
      Why is this program so unique?
      First, I have the opportunity to work with tons of people for over 12 years.
      Today, more than 10 million people follow my advice on social networks.
      I know how to have the greatest impact on people and change their lives for the better. That's why some people pay up to 2,000 euros for one session.
      In this program, I put everything for you, so that you get the results you really want, and all this as quickly as possible.
      This program is something you have never experienced before, because every detail, every nuance, every secret will be revealed to you. Nothing (yes, nothing) will be hidden from you.
      And I've done my best to make sure you get an extremely low price for all the content you've revealed and for the incredible results you'll get, transforming your life forever.
      How long will it take to see the results?
      You will see the results after only 2 to 3 weeks.
      Sometimes it can be only after a week. It's possible.
      And it also depends on your willingness to do all the simple (but extremely effective) things that I will reveal to you.
      In almost all cases, you will be surprised how quickly your mind will change.
      It's incredible. And you will enjoy every minute.
      If you have any questions, try this program anyway as it comes with a 30-day warranty specifically designed for you.
      What will I receive exactly after the purchase of this program?
      That's exactly what you'll get in this course:

      Session 1 - What you will win

      Session 2 - Important concepts to know absolutely
      Session 3 - How to harness the infinite possibilities of your mind
      Session 4 - Illuminate the black spots of self hypnosis

      Session 5 - Step 1
      Session 6 - Step 2
      Session 7 - Step 3
      Session 8 - Step 4
      Session 9 - Step 5
      Session 10 - Step 6

      Session 12 - Levitating Your Arm
      Session 13 - Positive Hallucinations
      Session 14 - Negative Hallucinations

      Session 15 - Learning the sound recording method

      Session 16 - Learning the holographic method

      Session 17 - How to use the affirmation method

      Session 18 - Learning to meditate

      Session 19 - Learn the symbology method

      Session 20 - Learning the Darkroom Process
      Session 21 - Learn the Chakra Method

      Session 22 - Learning to Find Your Own Spiritual Guide

      Session 23 - Learn to Find Your Inner Healer

      Session 24 - Learning to Visualize
      Success Stories of David's students
      "David generates a great serenity"
      David emerges a great serenity, his calm voice, perfectly dominates his words and his techniques of relaxation and suggestion, so that the message is transmitted easily and becomes a new reality for the unconscious and entered in an efficient and durable way.
      "Invest in David's classes to help you live better and feel better in your skin and in your mind"
      David has helped me reach my full potential and live healthier and more balanced by providing a balanced diet and exercising in the best possible way. I recommend investing in David's classes to help you live better and feel better in your skin and in your mind.
      "I can not thank you enough for all the help you have given me"
      I can not thank you enough for all the help you have given me and that you bring me today. It helped me to love myself, to understand myself, to develop my self-esteem and all without drugs. I wanted to send my testimony so that other people could also benefit.
      School teacher
      "David is more than a mental coach"
      David is much more than a mental coach. It is a person who guided me perfectly and advised me in my eating habits with an exact science. Training is not the most important. You have to train well, but you have to know what to do, the rest and, of course, the food that goes with it. David accompanied me to have the dream body that I would like to have. Everything is possible and this is just the beginning. 
      "I thank him and recommend him to everyone"
      I thank him and highly recommend him to all those who wish to change their life and especially to have a cultivated guide, benevolent and especially hyper qualified.

      "I'm very proud to have my mentor David Michigan, the motivational shaman"
      I express my gratitude for showing me that everything is possible for those who do not find the mental barriers of fear; And that any experience of progression can be easy when you feel the joy of sharing. I am very proud to have David Michigan, the motivating shaman, as a mentor. You're the best, I did not have the opportunity to tell you but I thank you for everything you brought me
      Piano Teacher


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